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Official Playstation Magazine
Our Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony makes it to this year’s OPM’s “The Big 10 Stories Everyone’s Talking About” 🙌🙌🙌🙌
AskUS – We’re Here to Help

Here’s one of the first videos that I produced for work. 

It was very challenging and fun to do. Co-voiced by Shelley Blond, the original Lara Croft voice actress!

Special Feature in British Council’s University Alliance book!

My LJMU Experience now featured in the latest British Council’s University Alliance Technical & Professional Excellence book, which highlights the strength of Alliance universities’ offer to international students and overseas partners. 

University Alliance is an association of British universities. Its membership is made up of technical and professional universities with a mission to drive growth and innovation in Britain’s cities and regions through research, teaching and enterprise activity, with a particular focus on links with business and industry and applied research with real-world impact.

New job at WILD Events

I’ve been a freelance Event Coordinator and Communications Manager for quite some time now. However, for the next step in my career, I wanted a permanent role that would challenge my skills and insights to contribute to the creation of fantastic events. For this reason, I’m excited to announce that I’m joining WILD Events. I am now responsible for WILD’s Social Media and Marketing, and I couldn’t be more excited for my next chapter.

L’Histoire de Tomb Raider

I’m currently very busy with various freelance projects and as such I had a very limited time to maintain my digital entertainment/tech blog. However, I am delighted that my website,, is credited as one of the sources in the French book L’Histoire De Tomb Raider. Huge honour!

Royal Television Society Award

My Baba Yaga video is nominated for Royal Television Society Award. Royal Television Society is a British-based educational charity for the discussion, and analysis of television in all its forms, past, present and future. It is the oldest television society in the world. It is such a huge honour to be nominated. Fingers crossed and I win next year!

Let’s Play. The Evolution of Production and its Effect on Consumption

My Master’s dissertation on Let’s Play. It will also be interesting for those who want to learn more about fan-produced content, active audience and fan motivation. Could actually update it in light of recent events…maybe one day

Visual Content Manager @ JUXDIT

Today is my first day at JUXDIT as a visual content manager.

PLAY Expo Manchester 2016

I’m excited to announce that we have worked closely with PLAY Expo and as a result Tomb Raider fans now have the chance to meet some of the Core Design team members; the people who were involved in making the original six Tomb Raider titles are coming to Manchester this October to talk about their work on the iconic franchise: this is an unmissable and one-in-a-lifetime event for any Tomb Raider enthusiast!

Agent Academy

After successfully passing their interview process, I have been chosen to join Agent Academy; an industry-led, intense and effective leadership development programme. The competition was tough and I’m very grateful and honoured to be given this opportunity to join Agent Academy and learn from the best professionals in the industry.