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The Big Sleep Bookcover Design

For this task I was supposed to design a book cover for Chandler’s “the Big Sleep”.
After reading the book I have decided that one of the most pivotal scenes in the whole book is when Phillip Marlowe enters Geiger’s house, where he finds hims dead. I have decided illustrate that scene (when he’s about to enter the house) on my book cover.
Obviously photographing this in the real world would be rather impossible, so I have decided to model the whole thing in the Autodesk 3DS Max. Starting with the main protagonist and his car. The car was a bit tricky as it doesn’t says anywhere what exact model it is. After watching the film and doing some search, I have discovered that “Philip Marlowe’s car was probably a late 1930s Chrysler or Dodge“. After digging my own 3D collection of cars and protagonists I have created through years, I have decided to use similar “Porsche” which looks roughly the same from the side (and that’s how I planned to render it, the front wouldn’t be visible) Below you may see the work in progress screenshot from the 3DS max window of a car and Phillip and a snap of the car from the film

Selfless Portrait

Idea development.

For this task I came up with a few ideas, all of which I presented in form of concept arts. These were at a very early stage of development. The feedback I got was mixed, a few people liked it, and others didn’t due to the images being a bit too literal and they felt they were suffering from lack of meaning in them. After considering the feedback and skipping through all the concepts and thinking of how to approach this task I came up with a final idea for three images.