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Featuring in the Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Credits

My blog makes an appearance in Rise of the Tomb Raider’s credits 🙂

Interview with Jill de Jong

Jill de Jong was the last model that represented the original Lara Croft by Core Design. Today she kindly agreed for an exclusive interview with me!

Interview with Andy Sandham

Andy Sandham was involved in majority of Tomb Raider games by Core Design. He was an artist, level designer and a scriptwriter throughout his work on Tomb Raider series. And today he kindly agreed to an interview with me.


Interview with Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson was one of the major level designers for the original Tomb Raider and its first sequel. She designed a lot of levels including Lara’s manor – the full list of levels Heather created is below the interview. In this interview she unearths some very exciting facts never told before! We would like to thank Heather for sparing her time to answer all these questions (we had a lot to ask!)
Also, Level Editor fans – take some notes for a possible Winston mod!