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Biographical Video Portraiture (Production Log)
  • 28/02/2014 Production pitch
  • 10/03/2014 Started quick sketching my idea.
  • 21/03/2014 Met up with client, came up with an idea to create a 3D flat that would represent his dream home. It will be populated with objects that are relevant to his persona. Started sketching the flat. The camera would hoover across the room and show close ups of those objects. As well as the room will have photos of characters, which will turn into videos once the camera is focused on them.
  • 28/03/2014 During the production meeting I demonstrated a basic examples of the room that will be used for animation. I mentioned my plan to animate “photo frames” on the walls and around the room. I also want to use an ink-drop effect on the walls every time photos are brought to life: the walls would change their appearance into a canvas with words or relevant story.
Biographical Video Portrature (Production Diary)

We decided to go with neutral colours of white, blue, brown and beige. That way the flat would not only look more spacious and modern but also would not take away attention from photos and videos that would be broadcasted on the frames etc.

Biographical Video Portraiture (pre-production)

My idea for the FMP is a mix of biographical portraiture and moving image. By mixing photos, videos and biographical insight I want to build a narrative around protagonist. It all will be done on a stylised canvas.

The inspiration for this project comes widely from the very first project we had in the first year of university which was a selfless portrait. I wanted to create something similar as I like the idea of giving a deeper meaning for photos. Upon my research I came across a photographic style called Biographical Portraiture. I liked work of Louise Read and her approach for this style.

The project aims  at a target audience of 20+ as they’re very likely to be interested in adding extra meaning to their photos. This unique technique of mixing photos and videos on a canvas produces a versatile format that can then be shared over social networks or can be used as a live wallpaper on the phones or can be put on digital frames. As well as it can be projected in the gallery as it is a very artistic approach for portraiture.

Selfless Portrait

Idea development.

For this task I came up with a few ideas, all of which I presented in form of concept arts. These were at a very early stage of development. The feedback I got was mixed, a few people liked it, and others didn’t due to the images being a bit too literal and they felt they were suffering from lack of meaning in them. After considering the feedback and skipping through all the concepts and thinking of how to approach this task I came up with a final idea for three images.