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Special Feature in GamesTM Magazine

I’ve once again been approached by Future plc to help them with their special 200 issue of GamesTM Magazine. They wanted to explore the original Tomb Raider in a special feature article. I also got a mention 😉 Just got this in WH Smith 😁

My blog is a shortlisted finalist for the UK Blog Awards

My blog, Tomb of Ash, made it to the finals of the UK Blog Awards 2018 for the Digital & Tech Category!

This means we are officially on the guest list for the UK Blog Awards 2018 on April 20th at 6:30pm.

Northern Rail – Where Trains are as Bad as Customer Service

I usually use this blog to post about my trips to various places or about my latest achievements; the main purpose of this website was to showcase my work as I was looking to start a career in Media Production after I graduated.

However, things change. I am now employed full time and it’s probably time to adapt this blog and use it for various posts that aren’t fit for my gaming/tech website; this is one such post.

Why is blogging important for your life and career if you are a (international) student?

During the final year of my Bachelor’s degree, I realised that I had a very few things on my CV. It wasn’t because I was lazy or too caught up with my studies, but more because of legal issues and boundaries that were imposed on me as an international student in the UK.