All about my latest achievements

Biographical Video Portraiture (pre-production)

My idea for the FMP is a mix of biographical portraiture and moving image. By mixing photos, videos and biographical insight I want to build a narrative around protagonist. It all will be done on a stylised canvas.

The inspiration for this project comes widely from the very first project we had in the first year of university which was a selfless portrait. I wanted to create something similar as I like the idea of giving a deeper meaning for photos. Upon my research I came across a photographic style called Biographical Portraiture. I liked work of Louise Read and her approach for this style.

The project aims  at a target audience of 20+ as they’re very likely to be interested in adding extra meaning to their photos. This unique technique of mixing photos and videos on a canvas produces a versatile format that can then be shared over social networks or can be used as a live wallpaper on the phones or can be put on digital frames. As well as it can be projected in the gallery as it is a very artistic approach for portraiture.

The subject:

Lewis MCelroy

-musician, was in a band called X-Ell that toured in the UK, Ireland and New York

-now works on his own project build from his two names – MAVMAC

-donated all the profit from his single to the flood victims

-his songs were on local radio stations

-He has many sides to his character, very eccentric and totally not shy of the camera which will make him interesting to film and watch.

Visual style:

As this is a personal portrait project I need to create a canvas that expresses the character. I immediately got inspiration from bright and vivid colours of Pop art. Eccentric lines and Objects should be able to easily express the subject.

Personal Video Portrait (Presentation)


The original idea was to create a stylised canvas and fill it in with moving images, however later it changed to a 3D representation of subject’s dream house.   The dream house was discussed in extreme detail to reflect the future of the client as well as his past

The client gave me a few basic outlines how he wanted the 3D flat to look like. He wanted a 2 floored flat with living room on the bottom floor. Living room should have a huge window, preferably stretching through entire wall. Outside is city skyline at night. Some basic furnishing (flat should be spacious, not crowded with bookcases). Furniture should be minimalistic and modern.

I started sketching the flat: