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Biographical Video Portrature (Production Diary)

We decided to go with neutral colours of white, blue, brown and beige. That way the flat would not only look more spacious and modern but also would not take away attention from photos and videos that would be broadcasted on the frames etc.

3ds max window view

Mise en scene 

Modern looking frames.
While frames don’t really have a deep meaning behind them (except of course what is shown on them), other mise en scene details are very important and personal.

Welsh castle with a flag – the client is Welsh.

A computer with his website on its screen. It would be present in the sequence on the background as we didn’t want it to look like a promotional video.

A collection of music CDs of his favourite artists and his own CD cover next to them. His CD cover must be animated to get more attention from the spectator.

TV screen with his music video on it.

Sheets with notes that turn into a video sequence of him playing musical instruments.

Collection of figurines of monuments from the countries he’s been to.