All about my latest achievements

Selfless Portrait

Idea development.

For this task I came up with a few ideas, all of which I presented in form of concept arts. These were at a very early stage of development. The feedback I got was mixed, a few people liked it, and others didn’t due to the images being a bit too literal and they felt they were suffering from lack of meaning in them. After considering the feedback and skipping through all the concepts and thinking of how to approach this task I came up with a final idea for three images.

Final triplych

The first image represents my background. I come from a country where photography is very limited ;  you aren’t allowed to take photos in most of public places, and even though I had a DSLR back then I did not considered photography as a serious hobby, until I came to the UK. This image represents how I come to the UK, which represented via Union Jack, from a not so nice place, to represent which I used a barbed wire and chains. Signs ‘photography not permitted’ written in English and Russian are an obvious representation regarding photography in my country; I used English language so the English speaking audience could understand what’s going on and Russian language to represent that the area is somewhat distant to the UK. Even though Russian is not an official language in my country anymore, it still should work as Cyrillic alphabet is rather different to Latin.

The dark colours are contrasting with bright, shiny Union Jack. I used bright converse shoes and colourful spot under them on this image to represent myself, how I contrast with my homeland and how I reach UK, where I achieve success in photography, to represent which I used one of my best works and 3 exhibition certificates which show that I’ve been published.

The second image represents how I use music to shield away from the verbal abuse. I used ‘Beats’ earphones to represent a shield from the darkness.The hand painted Lady GaGa and Nightwish converse shoes are there to show how much I love music from these artists, all Beats earphones are ‘connected’ to the shoes. The central headphone is representing me as a person – I am inside a shield.

The third image represents my love to technology and video games – particularly to Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. I have included a printed version of Lara Croft render I did ages ago aswel as a HTC Flyer tablet with a screenshot of another render being created; to represent that I am inspired by that game to create fan art. The background for this image is iconic ‘checked’ background from Sonic the Hedgehog game, again to refer to the video games. The robotic dog refers to my love to technology aswel as dogs. I used smiley-face flag on this image to show that all these things represent an idea of fun and happiness for me.

Making of

As I was very limited in Photoshop (we were only allowed to do the basic alterations in Photoshop) I’ve decided to create 3 backgrounds of enormous size in Photoshop, and then print them out on around 70 sheets of A4 paper each. The background is very vital for my idea to represent borders and belongings and to add atmosphere.

All three images were produced using the same technique – I setted up the lighting, layed out the background from the A4 paper, put other mise-en-scene details on the background and took a picture. The first image was rather tricky however, as I had to put my DSLR into the frame. For this image I used my point and shoot camera, after a few tries I managed to make a good quality photo from it.

After taking a bunch of photos and choosing best shots I did the only allowed Photoshop operations – cropping and colour correction, as well as I added vignette on 2 images.