All about my latest achievements

Tick-Tock (storyboard)

I’ve started the production of the storyboards, based on the rough sketches I did before. I’ve decided to make the storyboard entirely in the Autodesk 3DS Max, so they look good. Not only that saved me time, but I could then re-use those renders in my presentation for strong visuals – and so I did; during the plot outline section I’ve included an image along with a short text of what is happening. That added a good overall look to the presentation.

The storyboards were produced in two stages – at first I had to re-design the location scenes I already had, so they would fit with this story. Then I would have sort out the characters – particularly the main protagonist, as he has different costume “changes” in the storyboard:

Tshirt =>tshirt+jacket => full formal costume

This of course means using three different models. Nothing was a big problem to be honest. As 3DS Max used to be my big hobby for years – I have lots of models already made, it was just re-adjusting them so they would fit my story. Also I made all the renders into a gray-scale pallet, as that would be the way the film would be shot.