PLAY Expo Recap

As a special event coordinator for PLAY Expo 2016 I was in charge of organising a panel and other events for the largest Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Celebrations. This recap from the event featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with members of Core Design and the original Lara Croft model Natalie Cook. Narrated by Shelley Bond, the original voice actress for Lara Croft.

The event was featured in national and international press including Retro Gamer Magazine and the Big Issue North

My responsibilities at PLAY Expo were:
Idea generation, PR and advertising for the event. Utilising personal contacts and networking to source speakers for the occasion. Promoting the event on social media, forums and other relevant channels in English and Russian and acting as a liaison for press visitors from abroad.
Video and stills coverage of the event. Coordinating the exposure between multiple gaming related websites, international and nation-wide press. Creating content for and directing the panel stage.

Software used for this video:

3DS Max

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Photoshop


Project Info
  • Company : Replay Events
  • Date : 2016-11-14
  • Role : Director, animator, editor, host, coordinator,