Selfless Portrait

For this task I came up with a few ideas, all of which I presented in form of concept arts. These were at a very early stage of development. The feedback I got was mixed, a few people liked it, and others didn’t due to the images being a bit too literal and they felt they were suffering from lack of meaning in them. After considering the feedback and skipping through all the concepts and thinking of how to approach this task I came up with a final idea for three images.
This represents my love to technology and video games – particularly to Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. I have included a printed version of Lara Croft render I did ages ago aswel as a HTC Flyer tablet with a screenshot of another render being created; to represent that I am inspired by that game to create fan art. The background for this image is iconic ‘checked’ background from Sonic the Hedgehog game, again to refer to the video games. The robotic dog refers to my love to technology aswel as dogs. I used smiley-face flag on this image to show that all these things represent an idea of fun and happiness for me.