Selfless Portrait

For this task I came up with a few ideas, all of which I presented in form of concept arts. These were at a very early stage of development. The feedback I got was mixed, a few people liked it, and others didn’t due to the images being a bit too literal and they felt they were suffering from lack of meaning in them. After considering the feedback and skipping through all the concepts and thinking of how to approach this task I came up with a final idea for three images.
This image represents my background. I come from a country where photography is very limited ; you aren’t allowed to take photos in most of public places, and even though I had a DSLR back then I did not considered photography as a serious hobby, until I came to the UK. This image represents how I come to the UK, which represented via Union Jack, from a not so nice place, to represent which I used a barbed wire and chains. Signs ‘photography not permitted’ written in English and Russian are an obvious representation regarding photography in my country; I used English language so the English speaking audience could understand what’s going on and Russian language to represent that the area is somewhat distant to the UK. Even though Russian is not an official language in my country anymore, it still should work as Cyrillic alphabet is rather different to Latin.